Julia and Alex Littauer, the co-founders & husband and wife team behind Sovi are passionate about wine. Julia is a Certified Sommelier, and between the two, they have a combined 20 years of experience in the wine industry!
julia and alex littaeur
Julie & Alex created Sovi to help the world love wine as much as they do, and to provide a quality way for EVERYONE to enjoy wine, with or without the alcohol.
Like many entrepreneurs, they started with a dream...of a high quality, non-alcoholic wine...and decided to step away from day jobs in the wine industry. 
Sovi's mission: to create a wine their friends and family would drink - a wine that was inspired by people with a heart for wine and a craving for inclusion.
Sovi offer consumers a refreshing, non-alcoholic wine without compromising flavor or experience. Sèchey believes they are leading the industry in offering quality, non-alcoholic options for consumers have high expectations for the taste level of their alcoholic peers. 
We love working with Julia and Alex to bring Sovi to the Charleston market, where it's always rosé season!  
September 14, 2021 — Emily Heintz
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Pat Brame said:

I am so very happy you are opening in Charleston! I am in a year long group called the Path started by a woman named Annie Grace who wrote the book “The Naked Mind”We have members from all over the world. William Porter’s book " Alcohol Explained"is a testimony to the bad things alcohol does to your mind and body.

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