JENG creates classic cocktails, re-imagined. All the great taste and good feelings of a familiar cocktail without the alcohol. Better cocktailing made simple. 0% Alcohol. 100% Delicious.

Alcohol-Free, Hemp-Infused Beverages for Cocktail Lovers

After reconnecting in 2019, just before the pandemic hit, old college friends John Enghauser and Christopher Lackner came up with the idea for Jeng. This all started from a recipe that John had put together in his Montauk New York home. Jeng was their answer to the mostly flavorless seltzers that had flooded the beverage industry. They also realized that there was a huge gap in the CBD beverage arena. John and Chris tried several CBD drinks that were available at the time and felt that they lacked any real flavor. They were more of a way to deliver the CBD to you, with very little care going into the actual taste of the products. So, they chose to craft a complex beverage that put “flavor first” and be a reward for the sober curious consumers. With the introduction of jeng, John and Chris want to offer consumers a product that is not only worth talking about, but something that people will want to share with others.