Leitz alcohol-free wine is produced in Rheingau, a small region in Germany that stretches only 20 miles from east to west. Leitz collaborates with the excellent Sekt winemakers to provide a flavorsome drinking experience, and you do not need to compromise your health or taste.

Non-Alcoholic Wines Prepared from 100% Natural Grapes

Leitz’s primary mission is to make new friends and offer their product to anyone who chooses not to drink alcohol but is in search of a pleasant, uplifting experience where they can celebrate the joys of life sans compromise. Their innovative patented technology of the Spinning Cone column, which extracts the alcohol from the top layer of the wine without sacrificing the taste, distinguishes them from every other product on the market. Vacuum distillation changes the temperature of the beverage while keeping the original tang and aroma for a prolonged period. It’s in the soothing hills and secluded valleys of Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany where you’ll discover the foundations of the exceptional grapes that Weingur Leitz uses for the base of their alcohol-free wines. Leitz also partners with some of the top Sekt winemakers in the region to deliver a flavorful drinking experience where you don’t have to compromise taste or your health.