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Illuminating the idea of what fine wine can be, Luminara is the first exquisitely crafted, Napa Valley appellated alcohol-removed wine. With lush fruit, full flavors, and delicate aromas, our Chardonnay and Red Blend offer a truly fine wine experience without the alcohol.

The First Napa Valley Appellated Alcohol-Removed Wine

Sophisticated sippability for when you want to enjoy fine wine without alcohol. Luminara Alcohol-Removed Wine is the result of decades of research and development. A part of Trinchero Family Estates (a leader in the winemaking business for over 50 years), they’re looking to change the non-alcoholic conversation about what wine can be. They handcraft Luminara wines from the ground up with rich Napa grapes specifically picked for optimal fragrance and taste to provide the same outstanding wine experience that the Trinchero Family is famous for. The one obvious difference is that they utilize sophisticated technology at the end of the process to remove the alcohol while preserving the brilliant flavors and aromas they’ve worked so hard to perfect. That's why, after one sip of their Luminara Red Blend, you can appreciate the effort that went into creating such a rich and refreshing bottle of alcohol-free red wine.