A cultural shift is underway - a mindset toward self-care, staying sharp, and living life without compromise. This is not a trend, this is a movement that refuses to choose between good health and great taste. Crafted with care from natural ingredients at their Southern California distillery, Monday's non-alcoholic spirits are a labor of love — their way of helping alcohol-avoiders enjoy a proper adult beverage today without worrying about how you'll feel tomorrow.

About Monday Co.

The primary goal behind Monday Co. is to provide a non-alcoholic alternative for continuing the party on Sunday night with no horrible hangover the next day. This is especially crucial if you have something important you have to do on Monday (like those of us who work). And, in today's drinking climate, when more and more individuals are looking to stay sharp and live life without compromise, CEO and co-founder of Monday Chris Boyd was obviously on to something. Monday's spirits are crafted with the idea that beverages should be able to provide enjoyment without causing displeasure for anyone looking for an adult cocktail without the drawbacks. Handcrafted at their family-owned distillery in Southern California, all Monday’s non-alcoholic drinks contain zero carbs, zero sugar, zero calories and are 100% vegan. This allows anyone and everyone to enjoy Monday’s drinks no matter what their hang-ups or diet may be.