Created with a master distiller in Downtown LA, Optimist Botanicals “spirits” are artfully distilled and elegantly blended.  The complex flavors are inspired by the diverse cultures and landscapes of this city. They happen not to contain alcohol, so you can keep a clear head and still drink in good taste. Clean, clear, crafted spirits that are free of alcohol, but full of flavor.

About Optimist Botanicals

Optimist Botanicals is the first line of distilled botanical drinks created with no alcohol, sugar, additives, or other artificial preservatives. Co-founders Tommy and Lisa Farr Johnstone (husband and wife) had come to the realization that there was a void in the burgeoning NoLo alcoholic beverage space. There was a lack of complex and clean crafted non-alcoholic beverages that didn’t make any compromises. That’s when their journey began. Optimist Botanicals were developed in collaboration with a master distiller in Los Angeles, utilizing a sophisticated combination of meticulously sourced and thoroughly distilled materials. And since they’re devoid of alcohol, sugar, salt, carbohydrates, calories, additives, and artificial preservatives, this allows those who are health conscious to experience a delectable craft spirit without compromising their mental or physical health.