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RISE & GLOW with Kin Euphorics Functional Drinks 

Sèchey founder Emily Heintz first discovered the category of functional beverages with Kin Euphorics! Lightwave’s meditative key actives of Reishi Mushroom, L-Theanine, and L-Tryptophan will have you feeling cool, calm, and collected. Sip before an active meditation, like yoga to ease into the moment or in the evening to wind down.

Sparkling notes of lavender-vanilla smoked sea salts, and passionflower meet possible mind-calming ingredients to mellow you out, help you to transcend stress, and open a portal to peace (think naked forest bathing at midnight.) 


  • Reishi Mushroom: The Peace Empress. This mellow mushroom may help strengthen the adrenal system and bring balance to your body's reactions to stress.
  • L-Theanine: The Scales of Balance. May increase alpha-wave production and help modifies brain waves, which could help decrease anxiety and bring equilibrium to your mind and body.
  • L-Tryptophan: The Knight of Grace. Summon calm. May help quiet the mind so you can ride a wave of serotonin for good moods and peace of mind.

Tasting Notes
A smooth and sparkling blend of lavender-vanilla, smoked sea salt, passionflower and birch root that resembles a spiced, herbaceous ginger beer.

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