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Recess canned a feeling in drinks and powders to help you feel calm, cool, and collected despite the stressful world around you.

Each can of Recess contains about 10 mg of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. Recess also includes L-Theanine — an amino acid commonly found in tea leaves that is said to promote relaxation and help individuals relieve stress – as well as lemon balm and ginseng.

About Recess

After spending seven years working in Silicon Valley, Ben Witte was looking for a change. He saw the likes of cannabis and people practicing mindfulness in the “anxiety economy” growing hand over fist. Around this time, he also noticed CBD products popping up all over the place in local San Fransisco natural food stores. A Self-described anxious and stressed-out millennial, Witte began to incorporate CBD along with adaptogens into his daily routine and saw immediate results. But instead of feeling relaxed, a much more focused and productive feeling came over him. Because taking multiple pills, oils, and tinctures was a huge pain in the buttocks, he came up with the brilliant idea of combining everything into one delicious beverage. After nine months of testing formulas, thorough experimentation, and taste-testing, Recess was born. And Recess drinks aren’t solely meant to be used during the twilight hours. They’re more than suitable for daytime use when you’ve got some pre-test jitters, work-related anxiety, or anytime you simply want to alleviate the stress and anxieties of everyday life.