Sèchey Sampler | FLYERS Cocktail Co.


Get "Buzzed"

Flyers Cocktail Co., is a NYC-based company and a brand new beverage start-up. A group of well-traveled friends worked together to create a flight of fun spirits that were inspired by three of their favorite cities: Tokyo, Sydney and Brooklyn! Free from hangovers, these tasty non-alcoholic drinks are low in calorie and high in flavor. 

These alternative beverages are infused with full spectrum CBD and come in three different flavors. 

What's Included?

  • 2 Tokyo Marg
  • 2 BKLN Gold
  • 2 Sydney Spritz

Tokyo Marg

Named "Tokyo Marg" because it's made with Japan's Yuzu fruit. Flyers Cocktail Company has created a Yuzu Margarita Highball that is a delicious blend of sweet, citrus, and spice.


Typically go for a whsikey and coke? Grab this instead. Oak, Vanilla, and Bitters make up this ready-to-drink, alcohol-free, and sparkling cannabis cocktail. 

Sydney Spritz

This campari-inspired spritz is a blend of mandarin, orange rind, lemon zest and has just a hint of cherry. With only 50 calories per can, a blend of all-natural botanical ingredients come together in this low calories option.


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