Vinada is alcohol free vegan wine. Vinada wants you to enjoy life to its fullest, that’s why we choose to celebrate with glamorous bubbles that lift you up, instead of the stuff that pulls you down. NO LIMITATIONS. 

VINADA®  is not your traditional wine. VINADA® is a glamorous sparkling wine with a bubble and without alcohol. It’s an international, premium and fashionable product in luxurious packaging and well-designed bottles. It has an impressive balanced flavor and, compared to other non-alcoholic wines, provides a superior taste experience.

At VINADA, they are dedicated to meeting and exceeding consumer expectations. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the price, as they believe in delivering valuable, high-quality alcohol-free wines. VINADA® is a low-calorie drink full of style and attitude to celebrate life’s achievements and to toast any occasion. 

Love life, love fun, love fearlessness, love femininity. Love VINADA® . Celebrate and take care of yourself.