AVEC | Yuzu & Lime


American-Made Non-Alcoholic Mixers

  • Low Calorie
  • Low Sugar
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Real Juice

Citrusy Ready to Drink or Ready to Mix! 

AVEC brings Team Sèchey a great line up of mixers for the modern drinker.  With 100% real ingredients and dramatically less sugar, AVEC gives us an alternative for our spirits that is flavorful and makes a delightfully sophisticated cocktail.  Bonus: AVEC uses recycled aluminum cans.  Made in Brooklyn. 

Named the Best New Cocktail Mixer by Food & Wine for it's low sugar and great flavor. 

YUZU & LIME: No more vodka or tequila soda with 50 extra limes, or a splash of this or that. Instead, try this unique version that highlights yuzu, a citrus from East Asia, and lemongrass, an herb from Southeast Asia, with the everyday lime (for your drinking pleasure). The result is a fresh, delightful, and citrusy blend that really hits the spot — amazing as your new gin & juice option.  

Available by the Single Can or as a 4 pack. 

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