Bax Botanics | Sea Buckthorn


Award-Winning Alternative Spirit

  • Zero Calories!
  • Zero Sugar!
  • Eco-friendly
  • All-natural Botanical Ingredients
  • Aromatic 

Complex, Luxurious Alcohol-free Spirit

Sea Buckthorn boasts rich, complex & bittersweet flavors that will awaken your palate and keep you sipping.

Made by nature and crafted with love in the UK, Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorne is comprised of bittersweet Seville Orange, aromatic Mediterranean herbs, and Sea Buckthorn berries. Comparable to a good quality gin, it pairs perfectly with a bubbly tonic, ice, and a strip of orange zest.

The Taste: 

The aromatics are warm and soothing with fruity and fresh herbs. On the palate, it is dry and bitter with a complexity driven by the Sea Buckthorn berries and citrus notes of Seville Oranges. The depth comes from underlying herbs like rosemary and thyme that finishes with subtle spice and acidic bite.

Award-winning for more reasons than one. Bax Spirits are unique and flavorful but also extremely eco-friendly. Organically sourced and ethically grown, Bax Botanics uses sustainable and recycled material for packing and shipping. They are carbon-free and focus heavily on caring for the earth.

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