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Buzzkill | Sauvignon Blanc

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Women-owned and California grown, Buzzkill Wines were created to meet the need for an edgy, authentic alternative to seltzer and lime or glorified grape juice. The Sauvignon Blanc is a juicy, vibrant non-alcoholic wine. California grapes are harvested, crushed, and fermented before alcohol is delicately removed to preserve all elements of taste. No bubbles are added to this one, and the still result is an impressive homage to the original wine. 

The convenient, cool can is perfect for stocking the fridge, bringing a few along to a party, or taking to your favorite park bench for some ‘me’ time. This is the part where we resist using a bee pun (or three), but whether you can't or don't feel like drinking, Buzzkill has your back. The classic Sauvignon Blanc taste and feel makes for easy drinking, every time.

250 ml 
< 0.5% ABV
Pack of 4

A classic bouquet of lemongrass, passionfruit, and citrus precedes a pleasantly acidic, thirst-quenching palette.