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  • Cali Sober THC Seltzer Delta 9 CBD
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cali sober

Cali Sober | THC Seltzer

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All Buzz No Booze Delta 9 Seltzer

5mg THC + 5 CBD per can Enjoy the bliss of that juicy berry sweetness with the zesty bite of natural ginger. The floral aroma, unique flavors, and THC infusion of our Berry Ginger seltzer make you feel like someone should have thought of this before! Right?

  • 0% ABV
  • 5 mg THC & 5 mg CBD
  • 0.3% THC by dry wt
  • 12 fl oz (355 ml)

Bail on the bogus side effects of booze. Cali Sober is a refreshing alternative to alcoholic drinks. This hemp-infused seltzer is certified to keep you straight vibin’ with 5 mg of THC and CBD. No hangovers. Just hangin’ with the homies.

About Cali Sober

Through its roots, Cali Sober was created to be a better alternative to alcohol. Contrary to the harmful and adverse effects of alcohol on our health, the restorative, relaxing, and euphoric benefits of hemp helped establish a purpose for Cali Sober beyond just getting lit.

Is it legal?

Derived from hemp and backed by the Farm Bill, Cali Sober is a fully legal way to float on. By keeping the THC under 0.3%, you’re free to enjoy a healthy dose of euphoria and relaxation. It’s science. It’s also totally legal.