Cheeky Cocktails | Lemon Juice



A Sèchey Bar Staple 

Cheeky Cocktails was started by bar & hospitality professionals, both women & minority-founded.  Like the team at Sèchey, they believe you really should love what you do.

  • All natural Ingredients
  • Cocktail Essential 
  • 4 Fluid Ounces
  • Made in the USA

These cute little mixers are made with real, all-natural ingredients. Lemon juice is  known as one of the essentials to making great cocktails. Cheeky sells only 100% freshly-squeezed citrus juices, that are strained, then heated and bottled for extended shelf-life. 

How to Use: 

Simply add the juice to any cocktail you want for an additional citrus kick. We recommend trying it with some club soda and any alternative spirit.

The lemon juice is shelf-stable when unopened, but we’d recommend using as soon as possible, and within a year of purchase. Always refrigerate after opening, and consume within 3 days of opening for optimal flavor.

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