Teaspressa | Crystal Mimosa Kit


All Natural Sparkle and Flavor For Your Drink

  • Instant Mimosa Cubes
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Made with Edible Glitter
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Only 16 Calories

Crystal Mimosa Kit: Luxe Mini Sugar Cubes

Add a little sparkle to your next mimosa! These fun little Teaspressa sugar cubes will create a fun and shimmery mimosa or mocktail that you and your friends will love. Just drop one of these luxe and flavorful sugar cubes into your favorite champagne or alcohol removed sparkling wine. 

Come with three delicious flavors: 

  1. Crystal Arcadia Orange
  2. Crystal Grapefruit
  3. Crystal Lemon

How to Use Luxe Mini Sugar Cubes and Enjoy Instant Mimosas

Step 1: Place the cube in a flute
Step 2: Pour bubblies on top
Step 3: Stir to watch the glitter shine!
Step 4: Cheers!

Drop one LUXE instant mimosa cube in your drink to watch it transform in seconds. These super versatile cocktail cubes make instant flavored lattes, mimosas, Italian sodas, and more. With less than a tsp of sugar, each cube contains approximately 16 calories and 4 carbs for a delightful experience. And the all-natural mineral based edible glitter in these instant mimosa cubes will make your drink SPARKLE! 

    Recommended with: Brut/less sweet sparkling wine, sparkling water, spirits, iced teas

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