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Grado Cero | Blanco

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Spanish Non-Alcoholic White Wine

  • Low Sugar
  • 0% Alcohol 
  • Product of Spain 
  • 750 ml Bottle

Dealcoholized White Wine by Sēnorio De La Tautla

A sweeter white wine traditionally made with Airèn grapes and then dealcohlized to preserve complexity, flavor and aroma. You get a great tasting wine without the alcohol and less than half the calories! 

  • Perfect for All Occasions: Birthdays, Housewarming Gift, Anniversaries, Work Parties, Weddings, Everyday Meals, or Just For Yourself. 
  • Great drink option for the health conscious individual. Drink wine without the negative health consequences of alcohol.

This wine is produced through a method known as vacuum distillation at low temperature, the most traditional and least aggressive method of dealcoholization. Through this sophisticated method, the wine is processed without temperature aggression or pressure.