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AVEC | Grapefruit & Pomelo - 12 Pack

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Paloma Perfection

Nobody's denying the Paloma is a classic cocktail, but it's full of sugar and begging for an update. By mixing two members of the grapefruit family - ruby and pomelo - and blending them with a hint of black pepper and vanilla, AVEC makes this vintage tipple fresh again. 25 calories, 3g sugar.

  • All-Natural
  • Real Juice
  • Low Sugar 
  • Low Calorie

    12 Pack of 8.45 oz cans

    AVEC brings Team Sèchey a great line up of mixers for the modern drinker.  With 100% real ingredients and dramatically less sugar, AVEC gives us an alternative for our spirits that is flavorful and makes a delightfully sophisticated cocktail. Bonus: AVEC uses recycled aluminum cans. Made in Brooklyn.

    Fulfilled by our friends at Avec.