Hotel Starlino | Italian Cherries


Italian Maraschino Cherries

  • Fat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • 1.5oz (42g)

Hotel Starlino cherries are exquisite all-natural Maraschino cherries matured for two weeks in their natural Marasca juice then rested for another week to achieve their peak flavor. The result, a delicious luxury cherry that is delightfully sweet and savory.

Why Marasca Cherries?

It may be difficult to see a visual difference between a Marasca Cherry and an Amarena Cherry, but there's a distinct taste and flavor experience between them. Hotel Starlino Cherries use Marasca Cherries, also known as the Cocktail Cherries. 

How to Enjoy

Use as a garnish to your Rosé Cosmopolitan or to top your Manhattan's. Also a luxurious compliment to ice cream, cheesecake, and pastries.

Bundle & Save Ideas

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