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JENG Hemp-Infused | Jeng & Tonic

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Alcohol-Free, Hemp-Infused Beverage For Cocktail Lovers

  • Less Calories
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Zero Alcohol
  • 11mg Broad-Spectrum Hemp

Zero Proof Alternative to your traditional gin and tonic.

How do you make a gin & tonic without the gin? JENG combined natural juniper, lime and tonic flavors with just a touch of natural hemp extract to create the refreshing and unique jeng & tonic. 


Mindful drinking is made easy with Sèchey. We wants to help you find all the best non alcoholic products to enjoy without the hassle. Jeng has all the great taste and good feelings of a classic cocktail without the alcohol plus functional ingredients that could help soothe your worries away. 

The Jeng & Tonic is crisp, refreshing, and ready to drink. These great drinks are fantastic for any occasion and could give you just the right amount of delicious mellow feelings!


0% Alcohol. 100% Delicious.

Better cocktailing made simple.