Lautus | Savvy Red


South African Alcohol-Removed Red Wine

    • 750ml bottle
    • 1g of sugar
    • 22 calories
    • No additives
    • <0.5% ABV

    Particular grapes are picked early to provide optimal acidity, while the rest are harvested at their peak point of ripeness. The wine is twice passed through a gentle spinning cone technology: once to capture and preserve the wine’s aromas and flavors and again to remove the alcohol content. 

    With a classic, supple red-fruit palate upheld by fine tannins, this red is not too sweet and has a classic, vinous mouthfeel. It makes for an easy household red to keep on hand, a rich sangria base in the summer, and a lovely mulled wine for cooler days and cozy nights.

    What does it taste like?

    Dark red in the glass. A medium-body serve with red fruit, blackberry flavors, and a bit of oak upheld by fine tannins and a pleasing, dry finish.

    How to Enjoy:

    At it’s best when served chilled & in a wine glass.
    Once opened drink with 3 days.

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