Le Petit Chavin | Chardonnay



French Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay 

  • 60 Calories a Glass
  • 0.0% ABV
  • Produced in the South of France
  • Award-Winning Taste
  • No Sulfites
  • No Preservatives

2021 Winner of the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge 

Le Petit Chavin Chardonnay non-alcoholic white wine has a brilliant golden yellow color with aromas of lychee, peach, and flowers. This wine has a delicate freshness and fluidity that excite the palate. Perfect as an aperitif or to accompany fish, salads, and white meats. It also goes well with desserts and anything sweet.

Pour a glass of a delicious de-alcoholized chardonnay and enjoy all the flavor without the headache or the calories! 

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