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  • Lyre's Amalfi Spritz 250ml can
  • Lyre's Amalfi Spritz 250ml can
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Lyre's | Amalfi Spritz

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Ready to Drink Alcohol-Free Alternative Cocktails 

  • Ready to Drink
  • 250 ml can
  • Pull tab
  • 0% ABV
  • Gluten Free

Ready to Drink Canned Spritz

Capturing the essences of a classic sparkling Spritz, this non-alcoholic mocktail is ready to go! The flavor profile is aromatic and jumps out with rhubarb and bitter orange along with Mediterranean herbs. It also carries notes of peach and melon for something sweet to balance out the bitter. 

The Lyre's Amalfi Spritz is bright and filled with bubbles. Finishing dry, it's a wonderful blend of complex and fresh, and aromatic flavors you are sure to love.

Pour it over ice or simply chill and enjoy!

Bouquet: Rich blend of aromas jump out such as classic rhubarb & bitter orange along with Mediterranean herbs. Peach and melon notes tantalize the senses while enhancing the appeal and drinkability.

To Taste: The bittersweet orange and succulent peach flavors of the Amalfi Spritz evokes the taste of summer itself, bright, intense and the promise of good times. The fine bubbles dance across the palate with fresh orange complex rhubarb and elderflower perfectly that leads to a deliciously refreshing dry finish.

How To Enjoy: As part of the Lyre’s Ready To Drink range simply enjoy from the can. If you’re looking to go a little fancy pour the Amalfi Spritz into a wine glass or stemless glass add lots of ice and a slice of orange, perhaps even an olive for a savory element and you have the perfect occasional spritz.

Closure: Pull Tab - Can End
Can Size: 250mL
Alc Vol: Non-alcoholic