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Lyre's Orange Sec

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Triple Sec Alternative Non-Alcoholic Spirit 

  • 20 Calories per Serving
  • 5g of Sugar
  • Bottled in Australia
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Fresh and Balanced

Looking for a good Triple Sec alternative spirit? Stop here. This classic spirit has been crafted to capture the essence of an orange liqueur such as Triple Sec with flavors that are unique and contemporary.  

Lyre's Spirits, a Premium Non-Alcoholic Beverage 

To Taste: 
The balance between the freshness of orange and its natural sweetness fills the palate with wonderful aromatics delivering a generous soft finish. This is a very appealing alternative liqueur with a distinctive flavor. 
How To Enjoy: 
So many cocktail favorites call for Triple Sec. This is your alternative! Make a great cosmo, margarita, or martini with this special addition. 
  • Closure: Screw Cap 
  • Bottle Size: 700ml 
  • 0% ABV
  • Servings Per Pack: 23
  • Serving Size: 1.01 fl oz