Lunar Logic | ORPHIC / Lucid Dream Drops (Herbal Tincture)


ORPHIC adjective /ˈôrfik/

mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding It is through slowing down that we are able to comprehend the nuances of the states of consciousness.

If we are feeling scattered, overworked, anxious, or frazzled, then the state of consciousness we experience will be dull and lackluster. These powerful sacred flowers nourish us, feed our souls, and care for our minds and body in deep meaningful ways, helping us to breakdown the barriers and blockages so that we can reach higher states of consciousness.

Lucid Dream Drops plug us in to higher consciousness and bring it into our dreaming and waking state. Sink into a beautiful state of rest, a vivid dream landscape, and awaken to joy and bliss.

DOSAGE 15-30 drops as desired

FLAVOR Soft floral nectar

FEELING A soothing, calm euphoria

ARTISAN FORMULA: Organic Blue Lotus Flower and organic Butterfly Pea Flower in a sweet base of organic vegetable glycerin and artesian well cane spirits.

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