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  • Ready to Drink Wine Sampler (non-alcoholic)
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Ready to Drink | Wine Sampler

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Try Sèchey's favorites in our Ready to Drink Wine Sampler.  Create an at home tasting without committing to a full bottle or multiple cans.  Great gifts for the newly pregnant, stock a baby shower, or kick off a cleanse and taste your way to your own favorite wine in a can. 

SipC:  A female founded an alcohol-removed wine brand for adults seeking a high-quality, real wine experience without the negative effects of alcohol.  

SOVI: Great tasting, easy drinking and non-alcoholic, Sovi comes to us from Sonoma County and long-time wine professionals.  

Surely: By crafting innovative, great tasting, and healthier wines, Surely allows everyone to be part of the moment.  

Sampler Includes
(2) Sovi Sparkling Rose
(1) Surely Brut
(1) Surely Rose
(1) SipC Rose
(1) SipC White