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  • Recess Zero-Proof "Margarita" mocktail
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Recess Zero-Proof "Margarita"

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$8.00 USD
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$8.00 USD
  • Limited Edition
  • Infused with Hemp
  • 10mg CBD per 12oz
  • Made with Real Fruit
  • Zero Alcohol

Recess's New LIMITED EDITION Zero-Proof Margarita

Sèchey would like to introduce this non alcoholic and functional mocktail that is a special limited edition flavor you have to try! 

A citrus tea infusion that is brewed with real limes and agave to give you all the flavor without the booze.

This alcohol free margarita is infused with hemp (less than 0.3%) and these powerful adaptogens:

  • American Ginseng for focus
  • L-theanine to ease tension
  • Lemon Balm to help you unwind and feel balanced

When you want a low calorie option, Recess Zero-Proof "Margarita" is your answer at only 25 calories a can. Plus, there are no added sugars!

    Why You’ll Love this Margarita Recess CBD Drink

    The hemp used by Recess is broad spectrum hemp that actually helps the body and mind find balance by supporting part of your nervous system. Together, with adaptogens, they foster a calm yet focused state of mind that helps you be more creative and productive.