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Richard's Rainwater

Richard's Rainwater | Still

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You’ve never tasted water like this: 100% rainwater, minimally purified to perfection, and sustainably packaged. Stock your fridge with water that’s revolutionizing the world.

Our 16 oz tall boys are almost as big as our fight against Big Water and that's REALLY BIG. These recyclable cans are filled with our super crisp, still rainwater- hydrating and refreshing you all day long.

  • 24 pack of 16 oz (473 ml) cans
  • BPA free 
  • 100% rainwater
  • Still water (non-carbonated)
  • Ethically sourced from cloud to bottle
  • PFAS free; no chemicals or additives
  • Proprietary closed-loop process; zero waste
  • Bottled in the USA