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Sèchey | Hand on Heart Wine Sampler

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Alcohol-Removed Red, White, & Rosè Sampler 

  • Premium California Grapes
  • Less than 0.5% ABV
  • Family-Owned
  • Low Calorie
  • Full-Flavor

Hand on Heart alcohol-free wine for every occasion. 

 Inspired by a passion for flavor and wellness, Hand on Heart has crafted a real wine without the alcohol that pairs wonderfully with your meals. If you would like a bottle of each - a red, a white, and a rosè, Sèchey has created the perfect package for you. You will have a bottle for every quest and every course. 

The Cabernet Sauvignon - Velvety notes of dark cherry and toasted vanilla meet black currant. Perfectly balanced and great with meat and pasta dishes. 

The Chardonnay - Bursting with tropical fruit flavors and delicate hints of spice, this Chardonnay celebrates one of California's most famous varietals. 

The Rosè - Crisp and refreshing, Hand on Heart's Rosè is brimming with juicy fruit flavors like apricot, cherry, and pineapple. Pair it with lean meats, soft cheeses, and light dishes.