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Sèchey Sampler | Luxe Labels

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Sèchey Luxe Labels

  • Optimist Bright: Each unique OPTIMIST flavor takes those tasting it on a sensory journey to salt-sprayed coastlines. OPTIMIST BRIGHT is inspired by Venice Beach with notes of citrus, sherbert, and salty sunshine featuring; Lemon, Jasmine, Green Mandarin, Lavender, Turmeric, Cornmint, Orange, Tangerine, Fennel, Myrrh, and Cinnamon Leaf. 

  • Ghia Apéritif: A spirits-free aperitif adapted for modern times...taking the memories of the founders' summers spent near the Mediterranean and creating a unique beverage that is packed with only pure, natural extracts.  Potent Plants. Heady herbals. Blithe botanicals.  Each glass promises to kick up the energy and calm down the mind.   

  • Rāsasvāda Rose Bergamot: This zero-proof Spirit Restorative is invigorating with 100% whole-plant decoctions uniquely crafted using unhurried techniques from herbalism, tea traditions, and traditional eastern medicine. Sophisticated, arresting, and seductive, each Spirit Restorative presents an exceptional orchestra of aroma, core bitterness, and a lingering finish, while providing powerful health and wellness benefits for whenever your spirit needs restoring.

  • Seedlip Grove 42: Seedlip  Grove 42 is a sophisticated, bright, citrus blend of Mediterranean Orange, Lemon Peel, Lemongrass, and Ginger with a dry finish.