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Sèchey Mocktail Box

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Alcohol Free Cocktail Sampler Pack 

  • Fun Flavors
  • Make Great Mixers
  • Female Founded Brands
  • High Quality Ingredients

Mocktail Club & NOPE beverages

Curious about our non-alcoholic canned cocktails? Love something fun and fruity? Try a four pack sampler of non alcoholic cocktails by NOPE and the Mocktail Club. With this kit, you will receive unique and deliciously flavored cocktails that make drinking less easy. 

Drink Less. Live More. With Sèchey 

  • Mocktail Club's Bombay Fire
  • Mocktail Club's Capri Spritz
  • NOPE's Raspberry Ginger Beer
  • NOPE's Strawberry Basil Smash