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Sèchey Sampler | Flyers

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Delicious Alcohol-Free Cocktails 

  • Functional
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Low Calorie
  • Full Spectrum CBD

Functional Ready to Drink Alternative Cocktails 

Flyers Cocktail Company is an NYC-based brand that is bringing flavors from all across the world to bring you unique and fun flavors that you will love. Free from hangovers, these tasty non-alcoholic cocktails are low in calories and high in flavor. Possibly de-stress and lift your mood?! Yes! Get yourself a sampler pack of all three flavors to learn what you love most. 

Included is one 8 oz can of each flavor:

Sydney Spritz Highball Sparkling Cannabis Cocktail - mandarin, orange rind, lemon zest, honey, green hemp, and a hint of cherry. 

BLKN Gold - oak, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger , green hemp, and bitters

Tokyo Marg - yuzu, pineapple, bitter orange, ginger, chili, and green hemp. 

Made with Full-Spectrum CBD. Contains 0.3% THC.