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Sèchey's Picnic at the Park Sampler Pack

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Sèchey's Perfect Alcohol-Free Picnic Drinks

  • Perfect for your cooler!
  • Versatile Options
  • Wide Variety 
  • Zero-Proof Alternatives

There is something for everyone is this unique sampler pack of Sèchey favorite ready-to-drink alternatives. 

Anyone up for a picnic in the park? Sèchey taking advantage of that summer sun and headed out with a loaded cooler full of our favorite alcohol-free drinks. We put together this exclusive collection of alcohol-free beers, wines, spiritless cocktails and sparkling waters! There's a little bit of everything to make sure that everyone has something to enjoy. 

Not only does this pack, work for picnics and other fun summer events, but it's a great opportunity to try a few new things and learn what you love! 


More information on the products:

  • TÖST alternative wines are the perfect blend of subtly sweet with a dry finish. 
  • By customer recommendation, we found Aura Bora sparkling waters and added them to the Sèchey shelves. We are so glad we did! They zero calorie sparkling waters are incredibly flavorful and come in four amazing flavors. You get to try them all! 
  • Busty Lush has been with Sèchey since the beginning. Female-founded craft beers that are high quality and come in two delicious flavors: The sour tropical weisse, She's Passionate, and the blonde-style ale, She's Golden.
  • Lyre's has been a front runner in alcohol alternatives for years. Their ready to drink spiritless cocktails have bright, vivid tastes that are crisp and refreshing.

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