Sober Carpenter | Irish Style Red

$3 $6

 Non-alcoholic Irish Style Red

  • Low calorie 
  • Premium malts
  • Less than 0.5% ABV
  • Craft brew
  • 1 pint 

Irish styled brewed ale alcohol free beer 

There is no added extracts or flavoring in Sober Carpenter's beers. This amber-colored Irish styled brewed Ale beer features an approachable hop bitterness which rests on the palate. Using Windsor yeast, you will notice the malt focused aromas of this medium bodied brew. The Roasted Barley translates into subtle notes of coffee and caramel. This is a great pub beer that can be paired with Sheppards pie, mashed potatoes and fried sausages - or enjoy at lunch with roasted or grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches!

Sober carpenter's mission is to create great-tasting beers that you chose to drink because you love the taste. The fact that they are alcohol-free is just an added bonus! Sober carpenter replicates the process of brewing alcoholized craft beer and uses premium malts and the freshest hops. There are no added extracts or flavoring in their beers.

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