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  • Sober Carpenter White Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer
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Sober Carpenter

Sober Carpenter | White Wheat

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Non-alcoholic White Wheat Beer

  • Low calorie 
  • Premium malts
  • Less than .05% alcohol 
  • Craft brew
  • 1 pint 

Alcohol-free Belgian Wheat Ale 

This belgian white beer is particularly popular as a cold, summer drink. The thick head and silky body compliment the smooth taste of the drink. It offers a balanced aromas of Orange, Coriander and wheat. This Belgium White complements salads with light citrus dressings with your choice of cheese. Best with light citrus flavored foods such as ceviches.

Sober carpenter's mission is to create great-tasting beers that you chose to drink because you love the taste. The fact that they are alcohol-free is just an added bonus! Sober carpenter replicates the process of brewing alcoholized craft beer and uses premium malts and the freshest hops. There are no added extracts or flavoring in their beers.