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Sobrii Gin & Bitter Lemon Cocktail Kit

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Sobrii Gin Paired with Top Note Sparkling Mixers

  • Low Calorie
  • Low Sugar
  • Zero Alcohol 
  • Delicious Flavors

Alcohol Free Top Note Tonics:

Simple Ingredients go a long way with Top Note's Sparkling Bitter Lemon Tonic Water. A classic European-style mixer, Bitter Lemon is a quenching tonic to enjoy on it's own, or with either traditional or alternative vodka or gin. We love this non-alcoholic mixer paired with the Sobrii Gin or any of your favorite spirt-free recipes. So many ways to try, you can also try it in a Pimm's Cup, with Campari, or as a replacement for hard-to-find bitter liqueurs.

An Alternative Gin To Love: 

Sobrii 0-Gin is distilled using a traditional blend of botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, all spice, star anise. Also added is Canadian Ginseng, grown in Ontario, to create a uniquely Canadian flavour and give a nod to our natural heritage.

Sobrii 0-Gin Tasting Notes:

Aromas of juniper, pine, and ginseng come off the top. Flavours of bright acidity, pine, herbal bitterness and a slight bite from the coriander. The star anise and allspice round out the experience with the ginseng. Good mouthfeel that stands up to their alcoholic counterparts, and lingers in the finish.  

Sobrii 0-Gin finishes clean with lasting acidity, and signature dryness one would expect from a London Dry style of gin.