Surely | Blanc


Non-alcoholic Blanc

A satisfying white for discerning palates: bright notes of juniper, zippy yuzu, and fresh basil mingled with traditional white wine notes of pear, apple, and elderflower.

  • 0.5% ABV
  • Low Calorie 
  • Low Sugar 
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten Free

This one’s not just for white wine lovers. It’s for the gin sippers and cocktail maestros too. It’s for the ones who aren’t satisfied with ordinary or predictable.

Non-alcoholic Blanc is for the moment when you’re done with boring NA drinks and are ready to experience a symphony in a glass.

On the nose, you’ll pick up an aromatic blend of citrus, ginger, basil, and hops.

Take a sip and enjoy a medium body with bright acidity and notes of bold juniper, refreshing yuzu, and white wine classics like pear and apple.

Hints of hops, basil, and spice round out the finish. Bravo.

Not a Sauvignon Blanc. A completely unique sip.

Color: Light Hay

Aroma: Citrus, vanilla, ginger, basil and hops.

Body: Medium

Tasting notes: Refreshing & Complex. Bold, bright notes of juniper, yuzu and botanicals layered atop pear, apple and elderflower. Hints of hops, basil and spice round out the finish.

Sweetness: Dry

Acidity: Zippy


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