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Sutter Home Fre

Sutter Home Fre Chardonnay

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An early entry into the alcohol-free wine category with broad reach, Sèchey stocks this must have affordable option because of customer requests.

Fre winemakers use a revolutionary spinning cone column to remove alcohol while preserving the delicate characteristics of the wine. The finished product is a fresh, delicious beverage with the hallmark aromas and flavors of premium wine, but less than 0.5% alcohol and half the calories of traditional wine.

With its deep golden hue, and lively tropical fruit aromas, Fre's alcohol-removed Chardonnay is elegance personified. Rich, creamy apple flavors mingle with crisp citrus notes on the palate, leading to an enjoyably tart finish.

This Chardonnay is from California's finest marine-influenced vineyards. The area's cool breezes and fog allow the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly as they develop rich flavors and complexity. 
  • Serving Size:8 oz.
  • Percentage Alcohol:Under 0.5%
  • Calories:  70 (less than half the calories of soda and traditional wine)
  • Carbohydrates:19g
  • Percentage Juice:23
0.5% ABV