Teaspressa | Vanilla Luxe Elixir


Vanilla Luxe Elixir

  • Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Zero Proof

A super concentrated beverage flavour enhancer with NO SUGAR at all. The Vanilla is graceful and neat rendition of the classic flavour we all love so much, an elegant aroma and neat vanilla taste. This flavour can be enjoyed in tea, coffee, or sparkling water pure OR you can enhance the flavour by adding your own sugar base such as stevia, honey, raw sugar, date sugar, etc. Adding your choice of sweets will blossom the flavour to life. 1oz with dropper.

How To Serve

One drop of the LUXE elixir will flavor up to a 12oz drink!

Ingredients: VANILLA ELIXIR: Vanilla extract, natural vanilla flavor, natural honey extract, propylene glycol (dissolvant).

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