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Vera Spirits

Vera Spirits | Aperitivo Herbal

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Herbal Non-Alcoholic Aperitif 

  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Alcohol 
  • Complex
  • Low Calorie

Unique non-alcoholic spirits from Slovenia.

Inspired by the Italian culture of Aperitivo hour, we have developed our second aperitivo. It’s bold and memorable and leaves you with a long herbal finish and a lighter stomach so that you can indulge in your favorite meal.

On the top of your nose, you sense various herbal and floral notes. The middle palette is taken by characteristic gentian flavor, accompanied by cloves and sage. It has a well-balanced taste with bold bitter notes. Thyme and sage leave you with a long herbal finish.

Made with gentian, cloves, star anise, sage, and thyme.