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YOURS Red Blend

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"Brimming with notes of chocolate, ripe black currant, blackberry, cedar, oak, and vanilla, you won’t find any of that icky sweetness here standard in many NA wines. In fact, if this red blend were served in a dimly lit restaurant, we may very well end the night slurring our words a bit. It’s that convincing."

("These Fine Nonalcoholic Wines Top Our Sip List" - January 2022)

The Taste

Pouring a velvety shade of violet and carrying the aromas of spice and fresh vanilla, from the second YOURS Non-Alcoholic California Red Blend leaves the bottle, it’s clear you’re about to enjoy something special. As you sip, you’ll experience a bright bouquet of flavors, including oak, vanilla, blackberry, chocolate, and fresh ground peppercorns. 

Unlike most non-alcoholic wines, there’s no lingering sweetness with YOURS. Instead, you’ll enjoy a rich, complex red wine that finishes with that signature “bite” you know and love. And it’s this bite we’ve worked so hard to create, and what makes YOURS so special. 

The Experience

While we’re certain you’ll love the taste, YOURS Non-Alcoholic California Red Blend is about more than just the flavor. It’s about the experience. That proverbial weight lifted off your shoulders as you take that first sip of wine after a long day. And with YOURS, it’s the same experience of relaxation and release that wine always brings, just without the guilt. While we can never replace the missing alcohol (nor would we want to), we promise that YOURS is unlike any non-alcoholic wine you've ever experienced.

Whether you’re toasting the bride and groom, or just toasting yourself as you curl up on the couch for another episode, YOURS Non-Alcoholic California Red Blend is perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for wine without compromise, the choice is YOURS.