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Alcohol-free spirits not only look beautiful on your bar, but taste great, and some brands fall into the functional category, which include adaptogens & euphorics that make you feel amazing too.

Mix Your Favorite Mocktail with Non-Alcoholic Spirits

You may have noticed, but a shared mindset focused on “overall wellness” is changing the social standard to be more inclusive. This has led to a growing desire for elevated alcohol free spirits. Sophisticated non-alcoholic alternatives that are full of flavor, free of sugar or gluten, and most importantly; actually worth drinking.

At Sèchey, we carry a curated selection of non-alcoholic spirits that create an alternative sober bar that is perfectly unique to your taste, and those of your guests who might not drink alcohol.

What are Alcohol Free Spirits?

Alcohol-free alternatives are defined by a variety of companies that produce a range of zero proof alcohol spirits perfect for a social setting without the negative effects of alcohol the next day.

From classically distilled dealcoholized spirits to small batch botanical blends crafted by hand, there are a wide variety of options for every taste profile. For instance, you’ll find an emerging style of non-alcoholic beverages called euphorics, or functional beverages. They’re made with brain benefiting compounds called nootropics, adaptogens for stress relief, and botanics rich in antioxidants. These exist in a separate, yet similar class, to the popular hemp infused options.

Regardless of the method used, the goal remains the same across all these emerging brands - to develop a great tasting alcohol-free spirit that elevates the standard and shatters preconceived notions of “enjoying a drink.”

Non-Alcoholic Liquor Brands

More than ever, right now is an exciting time to discover the non-alcoholic lifestyle. The unique flavors hitting the market are really shaking up the mocktail game with alternatives you'll absolutely crave. The following brands of alcohol free spirits are the current up and coming leaders in the non-alcoholic industry.

Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics Dream Light non-alcoholic functional beverage.

One of the most popular options, Kin Euphorics, makes alcohol free options aimed at relieving stress and anxiety. Their emerging functional beverage line uses adaptogens and botanics for an uplifting experience. From a scientific perspective, these natural and man-made compounds, known as nootropics, increase serotonin levels to help achieve a state of bliss with each sip.

Shop our wide selection of bottles to discover something new. We also have Kin Euphorics ready to drink options available called Kin Spritz, which include two easy to consume spritzers, Lightwave and Rising Flow.


Leaders in the non-alcoholic space, Lyre’s began as a quest to make alternative spirits that look, smell, and taste just like their alcoholic counterparts. They now offer some of the finest alcohol-free classic liquors the world has ever seen. A modern take on the Italian Spritz, Lyre’s offers a rush of sweetness from orange notes that blend perfectly with the complex flavors of rhubarb and botanicals. Or, you can finish the evening with their Coffee Originale, which perfectly combines the essence of spiced caramel, vanilla, and espresso into a rich liqueur that is free of alcohol.

Enjoy mocktails that don’t just mimic, but distinctly capture the classic flavors in a contemporary non-alcoholic beverage.


The self-dubbed “social spirit” producer, Bonbuz is reimagining what a night of drinking with friends looks like. With the future of socializing in mind, their alcohol alternative includes 5-htp to raise serotonin levels, and green tea for a dash of a natural stimulant from caffeine. Enjoy mental clarity and energy from the L-tyrosine included in Bonbuz products. Oh, did we mention their beverages are also sugar-free and gluten-free, too?! We call them our California sober partner, and love their Los Angeles spicy spirit.

Mix up an alcohol free margarita with Bonbuz Slowburn tequila alternative to give your night a kick. Or, keep your nightly ritual alive by sipping on the OG blend.

Three Spirit

With alchemy at the heart of everything, Three Spirit functional non-alcoholic beverages were designed by plant scientists and bartenders. A vision of providing a healthier way to socialize brought this team together. Their 100% vegan and cruelty free alcohol alternatives are made with ingredients such as lion’s mane, turmeric, damiana, ginseng and other unique plants. The active compounds come to life to excite the palate, body, and mind.

Kick-start your evening with one of their exotic elixirs and feel good knowing all Three Spirit products use zero plastic recyclable packaging, too.


Ritual Whiskey Alternative bottle and mocktail.

Ritual products are crafted, not distilled, and contain no alcohol. Ritual products are simply put, a new way to mark a moment. Their non-alcoholic alternatives include a rather complete lineup of popular boozes. A velvety dark rum substitute provides the toasted spice and warm vanilla you love from the real thing. Mix up a margarita with faux tequila that is bursting with traditional blue agave aroma and the refreshing flavors of tropical guava and lime. Plus, the natural botanicals of American Oak and organic peppercorn in the whiskey alternative pair perfectly with citrusy bitters. Juniper berry notes lead the way in a lovely gin substitute that improves any juice.

If you’re looking to build out a complete sober bar, Ritual zero proof spirits offer everything you need and then some with an alternative zero proof spirit for every favorite.


Developed in Louisville and now headquartered in Austin, Texas, Spiritless supports a different way of celebrating. For those conscientious cocktailers seeking the fiery bite of an oaky bourbon, Kentucky 74 serves up a high-quality non-alcoholic alternative. A gold medal winner in the second annual L.A Spirits Awards, this alcohol free bourbon delivers a smooth finish that is complemented by rich notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

Whether you cut down the potency by going halfsies with a classic bourbon or go entirely booze free, craft your cocktail with Spiritless Kentucky 74. Any cocktail using bourbon can use Spiritless as an alternative to lower the alcohol content but maintain the flavor.


With a vision of changing how the world drinks, Seedlip produces sophisticated alcohol-free spirits. The artisanal process starts with high quality ingredients that are considerately sourced and uniquely combined. Each botanical is macerated and distilled separately prior to blending. The resulting product is alcohol and sugar free with rich aromatic herbal notes that tantalize the taste buds.

Discover your favorite distilled non-alcoholic spirit from Seedlip that has been carefully crafted for your consideration.

Optimist Botanicals

Los Angeles based Optimist Botanicals has a master distiller at the helm that is rethinking drinking. Their non-alcoholic beverages are skillfully distilled and tastefully blended to perfection. Though free of alcohol, they do not lack flavor. A lineup of three unique styles include Bright, Fresh, and Smokey. Mimicking a lemony vodka, Bright consists of light floral flavors and fresh herbs in a refreshing citrus blend. Fresh is an abundantly botanical gin with strong notes of anise and juniper. Smokey delivers everything you love about rich tequila with a smooth finish that invokes bonfire vibes.

Connect and converse over a drink that is full of spirit without any of the liquor. Indulge your inner optimist.


Self-described as “an ode to the spritz”, Fiore is a non-alcoholic aperitivo from emerging brand Figlia inspired by the Italian pre-meal ritual. Noted as being less bitter than other options on the market, Figlia has ginger notes that take it up a notch with a smooth clove spice finish. Fiore is their first style to hit shelves and marks a bright future for Figlia as they intend to expand their offerings.

Delight the senses with the lushness of Italian gardens and the excitement of New York City sidewalk dinners when you pop open a bottle of Fiore.


Aplos hemp infused non-alcoholic spirit.

An innovative take on non-alcoholic adaptogen based spirits, Aplós is a hemp-infused blend that calms and uplifts. The debut flavor is citrus forward with notes of ginger and rosemary for a bold and nuanced experience. Only exceptional ingredients go into the spirit that contains 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp per serving. It is intended to be a more natural way to unwind, minus the negative effects that often follow an evening of drinking alcohol. Also, nano-emulsification technology converts the hemp extract used in the process into smaller, water-soluble particles. This means a more controlled experience as the active cannabinoids are absorbed more efficiently.

Think of Aplós as an alternative to your preferred liquor and embrace the calm. Pour a glass and naturally unwind today.

What are the Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits to Make Mocktails at Home?

Get together with your favorite people, craft some homemade mocktails and enjoy your new favorite beverages on your own terms. These days, there are a variety of zero proof alcohol options out there. This new age of non-alcoholic spirits offers a booze-free version of nearly every classic liquor. The best really depends on what flavor you’re looking for, and if you’d like adaptogens or nootropics included.

Margaritas are a favorite at Sèchey and we think these alcohol free tequila options make some of the best homemade mockaritas. Mix up a spicy marg with Bonbuz Slowburn, a well rounded blend of blood orange, hibiscus and grapefruit that pairs perfectly with jalapeño. Or, invoke the beach lifestyle with a margarita made from Ritual Tequila Alternative that will have you thinking you’re sipping the real deal.

Craft a New Fashioned with the oaky Ritual whiskey alternative or Kentucky 74 Spiritless non-alcoholic bourbon. Both pair perfectly with an evening of socializing with friends or relaxing at home while enjoying a good book. You can even have a mid-day mocktail that isn’t followed by a groggy early evening hangover. Our non-sober friends can go halfsies and have a low alcohol alternative.

The fresh lemony notes of citrus, sherbert and salty sunshine, Bright alcohol free vodka from Optimist is a wonderful daytime option, and it looks beautiful on your bar cart. A splash of your favorite club soda is all it takes to make an elevated vodka or gin & tonic like beverage.

Keep things light and fresh with a non-alcoholic aperitivo such as Lyre's Italian Spritz. It blends the sweetness of orange with astringent, bittersweet flavors of rhubarb that finishes dry. Or reach for Fiore by Figlia, a zero proof ode to the classic spritz that bottles the lushness of Italian gardens.

For the juniper lovers out there, Optimist offers Fresh, an alternative to gin that encapsulates the flavor you enjoy most. Pair it with a splash of tonic water for a new take on an old school favorite. Notes of wild herbs and earthy pine make for a complex experience that doesn’t try to hide.

If you’re one to keep things simple, it’s easy to enjoy a non-alcoholic rum & cola. Ritual makes a tasty rum alternative that pairs great with the vanilla and cinnamon notes of a popular cola. You can also mix it with your favorite ginger beer for a quick dark & stormy.

One of our favorites, and leading the functional beverage category, is adaptogen based non-alcoholic spirit Kin Euphorics, which will delight your mind, body and spirit. Kin Euphorics was developed to reinvigorate you for peak social performance during after work outings. We also love Aplós, a hemp infused alcohol free spirit that is perfect for an evening of introspection or conversation.

There are a whole lot of easy homemade mocktail recipes that you can enjoy while relaxing at home or out socializing with friends. Whatever your desired flavor, Sèchey has everything you need to make your alcohol free evenings something to remember.