Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sèchey?

Sèchey is a french word that is pronounced /seh-shay/ meaning to be dry or dryish. Sèchey is a modern bottle shop that carries functional, alternative & non-alcoholic spirits, wine & beer for mindful drinkers and the sober curious located in Charleston, South Carolina and ships throughout the United States.

What brands do you carry on sè

Sèchey carries a variety of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits. We strive to find unique and luxurious brands promoting a positive message. Some examples include, Rasāsvāda, a spirit restorative company, built to help people find courage, clarity, and connection in their present moment. Or Noughty that recognizes that alcohol is the new tobacco and wants to offer the consumer the chance to make a change without disrupting their desire to party. "Sparkling wine is a celebration but it needn’t be alcoholic to be rock ’n’ roll.” To learn more about our brands and the people behind the brands please check out our Meet The Makers page.

What are the shipping options on sè

We offer multiple shipping and payment options. Check out our shipping and returns page for all the info! Allow for 1-2 business day turn around time for all shipments.

What is the return policy on sè

Check out our shipping and returns page for all the info! We do not allow returns at this time. However, if the item(s) you purchased have arrived damaged in transit, please email with a photo and details so we may send a replacement, or a credit to purchase a different item.  

How do I track my online order status?

Once you have placed the order, you will receive two e-mails:

    • Order Confirmation Email: The first e-mail will be sent immediately to the e-mail address you provided during checkout, to confirm the order. This e-mail will contain your order number. You will need this number to track your order online.
    • Shipment Notification Email: The second e-mail will be sent once the order has been processed and will contain the tracking number for your purchase.

All orders are subject to bank authorization prior to processing. Your credit card will be billed once the order is processed.

Where is Sèchey's headquarters and store in Charleston, South Carolina? 

Headquarters coming late 2022 at 520 King Street Charleston, South Carolina. Sign up for our email list, follow us on instagram @shopsechey, and check back to our most recent events and tastings page for updates.

Does Sèchey offer online gift cards? 

YES we do! To find more information about the digital gift cards please click here.

Interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador for Sèchey?

We are in the midst of growing the business and would love to collaborate, if you feel you'd be a good fit please send all inquires to

For press inquires:

Any press related inquires please reach out to enough we've had a great year and are honored to be featured in The Post and Courier, Count on 2 and Holy City Sinners, just to name a few! For our most recent in the news articles check out our All Things Pressing page.

Check out our most recent press...

Featured in Vogue, Post and Courier, and many more...check out our In the News page!

We have had some questions on this...

Although Sèchey products are non-alcoholic and/or alcohol removed we encourage the intended use be 21+ years of age. And we'd also like to note, please refer to your medical professional for previous dependency issues.

Do you have any coming events or tastings?

    Check out or events & tastings page for the latest and greatest!

Any additional questions?

We'd love to hear from you please email with any additional questions, concerns, or feedback.

We want to hear from you. Still have questions?

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