Sèchey introduces RASĀSVĀDA, a zero-proof Spirit Restorative– invigorating 100% whole-plant decoctions uniquely crafted using unhurried techniques from herbalism, tea traditions, and traditional eastern medicine.

With no added preservatives, sugars, extracts, or artificial ingredients, Rasa’s Spirit Restoratives are meticulously crafted using only rarified wild-harvested ingredients with known wellness properties sourced directly from remote regions and lush farmlands across the globe.

About Rasāsvāda

Garnering inspiration from the city of New York as well as his family, Connor Godfrey has been meticulously working on his Rasāsvāda creation for the past several years. Connor was in search of a non-alcoholic alternative to help deal with all the stresses of everyday life. The herbal medicines, tinctures, and ancient remedies he found are what directly inspired the decoctions that they offer today. Their beverages are not just sophisticated, arresting, and seductive, but they also offer an exceptional orchestra of aroma, core bitterness, and a lingering finish while providing powerful health and wellness benefits whenever your spirit needs restoration. Through this, you can see how the company's empowering people to embrace the present and the uncertainties of the future.

  • No shortcuts.
  • 100% whole plants.
  • Nothing artificial.

At Rasāsvāda, they want to deliver a more elevated and considered present moment. It is why we embrace tradition and ritual while seeking to make wellness and self-discovery more accessible in the here and now. It is also why we believe process – the integrity of where and how something is made – is just as important as what goes into each of our Spirit Restoratives.