• Non Alcoholic Beer

    Sèchey features a line of quality non alcoholic craft beer that taste just like their counterparts.

  • Ready to Drink

    Sometimes you just want to pop the top...Shop our non-alcoholic cocktails, canned wines and spritzers!

  • Alcohol Free Wine

    Alcohol-free Wine

    Browse our favorite non-alcoholic wine... light whites, sparkling wine, and bold reds

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    Stock Your Bar

    Sèchey offers a variety of non-alcoholic spirits to keep on hand for guests or regular consumption.

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About Sèchey

Sèchey is a modern bottle shop featuring alcohol-free spirits, alcohol removed wine & non-alcoholic beer as well as functional beverages and mixers. Our goal is to provide alternative libations to help us all drink less alcohol, but still support a social environment.