Ever thought about trying to drink less alcohol? I think most of us have. We often let our culture dictate the relationship we have with food and drink. We already know the pitfalls of overeating and drinking. However, more often than not, the negative effects of drinking alcohol get disregarded because of peer pressures and the desire to participate in fun social events. 

  • Detox Your Body
    • Reduce blood pressure, improve your nutrient digestion and absorption, and improve overall immune function.
  • Gain More Energy
    • Removing alcohol and other toxins from your body allows your body to reconnect to its natural state, giving you more energy and more fuel.
  • Sleep Better
    • Deeper, more restful and satisfying sleep is another added benefit of cutting out alcohol. This in itself comes with it’s own list of health benefits. 
  • Improve Mental Wellbeing 
    • Alcohol impairs our ability to think clearly just after one drink, and it takes 8 days to be completely out of our system. Taking a break will help your brain feel less foggy and more in control. 
  • Gain a Sense of Achievement 
    • Learning restraint and gaining control of your habits will help you feel good about yourself and your daily habits. Nothing makes us feel more successful than being productive. 
  • Lose Weight
    • Consuming fewer of all those empty calories that come along with drinking alcohol will absolutely help you to not only feel physically better overall but will also help you lose weight! Did you know that many Alternative Spirits have zero calories! Alcohol-removed beer and wine often have up to 80% less calories than the traditional drinks! 
  • Get healthier skin! 
    • Healthier more moisturized skin, especially in this summer heat, is a major benefit to consuming less alcohol. 


Drinking less alcohol doesn't mean drinking less of what you love! Sèchey is here to make mindful drinking easy, fun, and delicious! We have everything you need to help you curb those cravings! Alternative Spirits and mixers to make a great spiritless cocktail. Functional Drinks to soothe your nerves and help you unwind. Alcohol-removed beer and wine that retain all the flavors, aromas, and nuances that you love. We have all the best alternative drinks to keep you from ever feeling left out! 

Remember, that it doesn't start and stop with Dry July! Owning your relationship with alcohol and being more mindful about your drinking habits is always a good idea! 

July 01, 2022 — Elise Nelson

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