/seh-shay/ ● n. dryish

/seh-shay/ ● n. dryish

drink less | live more

Sèchey carries functional, alternative & non-alcoholic spirits, wine & beer for mindful drinkers and the sober curious.

We offer a place to explore a curated selection of booze-free craft beverages, and offer interesting & tasteful alternatives for those seeking a more mindful relationship with alcohol. Sèchey, to be dry in French, invites everyone to experience our selection.

Learn more about our Founder, Emily Heintz.

We have found our first home in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The shop has really come together well and is brimming with amazing products as well as providing a place to sit, relax and try new things! Come see us soon!  


Whether you're sober for a day, a week, or forever, Sèchey is here for you, the mindful consumer.


The Sèchey community enjoys trying unique and luxurious brands promoting a positive message.



Known for hospitality, a 'foodie' and most times, a drinking town, we found our home in the charming city of South Carolina.