/seh-shay/ ● n. dryish

About Us

Sèchey carries functional, alternative & non-alcoholic spirits, wine & beer for mindful drinkers and the sober curious.

We offer a place to explore a curated selection of booze-free craft beverages, and offer interesting & tasteful alternatives for those seeking a more mindful relationship with alcohol. Sèchey, to be dry in French, invites everyone to experience our selection.

Learn more about our Founder, Emily Heintz.

We are working hard to find a permanent space for a bottle shop and tasting room in 2022! Stay tuned for details, but until then, Sèchey is partnering with our local Charleston friends to offer a place to taste our favorite non alcoholic beer wine and spirits in person.  


Whether you're sober for a day, a week, or forever, Sèchey is here for you, the mindful consumer.


The Sèchey community enjoys trying unique and luxurious brands promoting a positive message.



Known for hospitality, a 'foodie' and most times, a drinking town, we found our home in the charming city of South Carolina.