Whether you are completely cutting out alcohol or simply taking a break, that doesn't mean that you can’t still enjoy all the social benefits and delicious drinks that come along with it. In fact, it can actually improve your social life and create incredible healthy habits. 

Becoming a more mindful drinker doesn't need to be difficult, and learning how to make some of your favorite drinks without the alcohol can help! 

What is the meaning of "Mocktail"?


Well, a Mocktail is simply a regular cocktail minus the booze! 

But why call it a Mocktail? Well, to mock something means to imitate it, and mocktails done right will do just that. They will imitate your your favorite cocktails.

Mocktails or Alternative Cocktails are mixed drinks that use the same mixology methods and tools as any bartender. They replicate the same craft cocktails you have always loved, just without the alcohol. 

Here at Sèchey, we actually prefer the terms "Spiritless Cocktail" or "Alternative Cocktail" instead. To "mock" means to tease or make fun of something, and that is far from what we are doing here. 

Spiritless Cocktails use various ingredients to create a special drink to enjoy, whether you are cutting back or not. Mocktails can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink by anyone and in any social setting. Having a sophisticated beverage with complex and flavorful ingredients is easy to do, and Sèchey has everything you need to get started. 

What are Mocktail Drinks Made Of?

Well, that totally depends on you! Are you looking for something sweet, citrusy, fruity, or smokey? Are you hoping to cut back on sugar or calories? There are so many amazing options to choose from.

Mocktails can consist of two or three simple ingredients or several complex ones. It can be just as complicated as making any regular alcoholic drink. With so many options available, we want to help simplify it for you. Sèchey carries a wide range of alternative spirits that mimic the taste of gin, tequila, whiskey, rum, and other bartending stables like vermouth, bitters, and triple sec. Apart from an alternative spirit, some of the most common ingredients in a Mocktail are sodas, syrups, juices, sparkling waters, and other flavorful mixers. 

The Best Mocktail Recipes

A well-made Alternative Cocktail can help set the mood for almost any occasion! 

Here are four of the best and most classic cocktail recipes to try at home today.


Your Starter Alternative Cocktail Kit

 Gin and Tonic

Classic Margarita

Ice Ice
1 part Ginish 2 oz. Sobrii-O Tequila
3 parts Fever-Tree Tonic Water 1 oz. Lyre’s Orange Sec
Fresh squeeze of lime Juice Lime Juice
Lime wedge garnish

 Whiskey Sour

Moscow Mule

Ice Ice
2 parts Kentucky 74 2 parts Caleño Light and Zesty
1 part Cheeky Lemon Juice 3 parts Betty Buzz Ginger Beer
1 part Cheeky Simple Syrup Squeeze of Lime Juice
Orange peel Muddled Fresh Mint
Hotel Starlino Cocktail Cherry

May 20, 2022 — Celador Media

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