About Our Founder

A Note From Our Founder & CEO, Emily Heintz

With a 20 year retail career spanning from coast to coast, I launched Sèchey with that foundational experience and a vision… a place for mindful drinking with a curated selection of sophisticated and flavorful alternatives.  

The idea for Sèchey was born during the pandemic, when I began searching for non-alcohol drinks to support my journey to live a healthier life focused on the present moment. As I discovered more amazing brands, I realized what a large gap there was in the market for something our society dearly needed. There was a growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks but no single source in which to pull a selection of favorites tailored to my taste preferences.  
Sèchey provides a beautifully curated and wide-ranging selection of alcohol-free & alcohol removed beer, wine & spirits, along with functional beverages, mixers and bitters, even barware. Our customers enjoy fun, flavorful
and stylish cocktails without the negative side effects.
You don't have to trade a fulfilling social life or celebratory moments when eliminating or reducing alcohol consumption. Sèchey exists to bridge that gap, and help us all enjoy a more present and healthy lifestyle.


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