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Need a little club soda or tasty mixer to help liven up your drink? We got you covered! We have all the best and most popular mixers to help spice up any cocktail.

Premium Drink Mixer Options

The term mixer refers to the unlimited variety of ingredients that you can use to create mocktails. Although the mixer isn't alcoholic, several mixers are designed specifically to combine with alcoholic (or non-alcoholic in our case) drinks. Either way, a well-stocked dry bar should include not only your preferred non-alcoholic beverages, but also sparkling beverages, syrups/sweeteners, soda, and mixers, such as Bittermilk No. 1 Old Fashioned or WithCo Bouquet. The purpose of a premium mixer is to add flavor to your cocktail recipes for a more balanced and enjoyable drink. They can add sweetness, carbonation, and a variety of flavors to various non-alcoholic liquors, allowing you to make some fantastic mocktails. And with the majority of store-bought mixers, all you have to do is simply open the bottle and combine it with your non-alcoholic beverage for a super refreshing mocktail that’ll have you smiling with delight.